Little video update - 2nd Sep., 2014

Little update - 2nd Sep., 2014:

Please ignore my unpreparedness, no make up face and annoying voice. Also sorry for ending in the middle of the sentence but Charlie started barking so yeah… But at least, here’s my first video (worst ever though). I’ll do some more from now on as I’ve finally found a way to upload them! Hope it works. Love Xx
P.S. my following videos will make more sense haha sorry. If you’ve got any ideas I’d be happy if you’d message me some suggestions :)

Unpopular truth:


You do not choose your recovered weight, shape, or dress size.

That’s the whole point.

You let go of the ‘control’, and let your body maintain its own optimal size (which it is perfectly capable of, without restriction/calorie counting/workouts ‘just in case’).

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Thank you lovely! Sorry to hear you’re struggling with that too!
Hmm… Massive TW!!!

TW TW TW TW TW!!! Do not read if youre easily triggered! Or better do not read at all!!!
… Tbh I’ve restricted pretty much lately, as I’ve gained so much weight due to binging and I kind of wanted to lose some weight again as none of my trousers fit properly anymore and it’s just making me feel completely disgusting. Don’t worry though, as I sometimes realise that I do not need to lose weight objectively but it’s a struggle.
However I do not binge on typical binge food. I just end up eating enormous amounts of food I like/enjoy. I have a lot of bread and spread as I usually avoid carbs and whilst binging I allow myself bread and carbs… I also have some chocolate but that’s not the problem as I approximately have 2 chocolate bars and max. 5 cookies which is okay I think, as I usually do not eat sweets during the day anyway. So the main problem would be the overshoot on calories…

Thanks for sharing your experience with me! I haven’t got a meal plan anymore but I could try to make one I could stick to whilst making sure I get enough food/carbs… Though this will be really tough…

Thanks! :)